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On May 11, Fox News host Geraldo Rivera claimed he was “manually raped” by a Transportation Security Administration officer (TSA).

According to Rivera, “I got manually raped by a guy…This guy, it seemed to me, was getting off on it.”

Co-host of “Fox and Friends” Gretchen Carlson feigned amusement by covering her mouth with her hand, and the incident has been largely forgotten.

Naturally, personal injury suits against the TSA are nothing new: Lindsay Murley of Amarillo, TX, won a case after having her breasts exposed in public during a routine patdown.  Robert Dean of Little Rock, AK, filed after it was revealed that the scanners used to check his person showed his nude body in detail to officers and anyone else who happened to take a glance.  Thomas Sawyer of Lansing, MI, left the TSA checkpoint covered in urine from his displaced urostomy.

“I got manually raped by a guy [from the TSA]” claims Rivera

Perhaps most interestingly, however, is the recent and almost uniform reticence the legal community has shown in accepting these cases against the TSA.  A recent post on purports that a well-documented case of deep-tissue bruising after a TSA search has gone entirely without counsel: “I tried to find legal council in July. I called 35 different law offices, and no one would take my case…”

This is perhaps unsurprising when one considers the eggshell-walking necessary to handle such a case, when litigants are often informed in bold, red print that all facts pertaining to a trial would be classified under Title 49 CFR, Part 15, Protection of Sensitive Security Information, which includes “information obtained or developed in the conduct of security activities.” says, unabashedly (and not without inferring the futility of a case against the TSA):   “We hope that our readers will understand our reasoning in not wanting to get involved in politically charged lawsuits against the government as we would rather continue to use our extensive influence to fight on behalf of victims of defective products.”

-S. McCauley

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