Allies in Ink

Below are my favorite online writers in no special order; most are featured in the “In a Real World…” blogroll, but with too-little fanfare.

-Anti-Bandwagon Propaganda

by MacTingz

Mac’s place is one of my favorite places to go reading.  His writing is outrageous without being tacky, witty without being contrived, and contemporary without being mainstream.  He’s an extremely talented fellow, and the Internet is better for having him.  If you’re reading the same ol’ tired top-ten lists on for fun, you’re missing out.  Incidentally, Mac writes from England.

-The Rambling Taoist

by Trey S.

Trey does for Taoism what I have attempted to do for every topic found at “In a Real World . . .;” he translates what he understands into common, colloquial English.  While readers will know that I am sympathetic to world religions and philosophies in general, Taoism happens to agree with me more than somewhat, and this site’s the best American source for Taoist reading I’ve seen, so this excellent writer (and a damned swell guy, besides) finds himself as an Ally in Ink.

-a drink with forrest

by forrest

A true brother of mine, forrest (intentionally lowercase in keeping with his personal style) represents premier mixology incarnate.  He presides at Costa Mesa, CA,’s prestigious Hi-Time Wine Cellars, and writes their Spirits Page of the Monthly Newsletter.  His online work focuses on beverages and their many delightful intricacies.  A lover of humanity and the humanities, he somehow manages to keep his liquors spotlighted brighter than his prose, even while waxing poetic.  If you appreciate fine liquors, let him teach you how to love them, and let them love you.

-Onomatopoeia Magazine

Editor: Bobby D. Lux

The editor of this rag left drama and sketch comedy to offer this handsome collezione of modern lit to the world.  He puts his heart and soul into every bit of it, I can tell you, and his artistic eye has garnered more attention than the latest Jackson Pollack.  If Stephen King isn’t doing it for you, anymore, allow me to suggest a fresher, more brute-force reading solution at Onomatopoeia.

-Earth Source Media

by Joe Racano

Joe’s an old Main St. friend of mine, who once told me that I inspired him to start writing.  He writes the most raw ecological newspaper online, direct from the front lines of activism.  Is he crazy?  A little.  Is he a responsible source?  I’d mistrust my mother, first.

-Nightingale Dancer

by Dr. Dancer

I don’t know Dancer personally, which is to say, we haven’t met, but she writes some of the most fascinating English online.  Earnest, gritty, feminine, carnal, worldly, philosophical, psychological, and occasionally poetic, this Aussie woman reveals masks behind masks behind masks — about the adult sex industry.  In addition, she’s also friendly, as well as much more humble than I am.


  1. Oh… such extraordinary words for one who does feel so undeserving.
    You have inspired me so much Both… not just in this emotional discourse of illumination and reflection on but a mere, though pertinent, chapter in my life,
    but also in your support I have felt my chrysalis state as a writer slowly coming to an end and emerging hopefully into something, worth catching.
    Am “visiting” your friends as I type. I want to have a drink with forest!

    Much love


    • He’s the best guy ever. My girl and I’ll introduce you if you’re ever in LA.

      Your “chrysalis” state seems to have passed rather painlessly, I’d say. Welcome to the Land of the Oldest Thankless Endeavor, Miss. Welcome, and well-done.


  2. Kindness and kindness, i am furtive with raw emotion and do not know why– my lover sleeps in the other room and no one observes me to judge– perhaps it is the shadow that proceeded me into this dark room that i am afraid of catching me in this state.

    Very charitable words and i thank you for the emotional outburst that they elicited.

    i am very excited about visiting the Dr.,; she sounds like my kind of practitioner– and indeed do come by for a drink…

    Also, at your recommendation, i am going to check out Joey’s site– with minor trepidation.

    • Ha ha, Joe’s Joe. You know Joe. If in you would, then in you go.

  3. I love your lighthearted approach. It is both refreshing and thought provoking. Can’t wait to read more!

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