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BothEyesShut is your friendly autodidact, at your service to enthuse, confuse and discombobulate for your casual amusement.  “In a Real World, This Would Be Happening” is his first return to non-fiction since his monthly column in Going Coastal Magazine in 2001.  He is the author of five novels.  He lives in Long Beach, CA, with his ever-loving and two cats, and has not outgrown his pubescent penchant for vinyl records.


  1. I’m an autodidact, too. Left school at fifteen. Haven’t published, or even written, any novels, but have had some short stories published, as well as a few poems, a lot of articles and other bits and pieces, including plays and songs. These last two not published in writing, but professionally performed, which is how they should be published.

  2. Read few posts. Love your writing style. Will be stopping in often!

    • Dear Ms. Torres,

      Why, thank you very much for saying so! You’re very kind.

      When you stop in, “In a Real World…” will be here with open arms. So long as people like it, I’ll go on writing it.

      I do it for the people. It’s the people I care about. I’m a humanitarian.

      Yours Truly,


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