BothEyesShut Published in Onomatopœia

Onomatopœia Magazine’s spring edition features the writing of Daddio Mick, BothEyesShut’s fiction-writing alter ego.



  1. Oooooh! Totally interesting! Will have a look around at the mag after I finish todays studies,

    Just dropping by to let you know I have nominated you for an acadamy award over at my blog , :)



    • Well, well! Always a pleasure to hear from you, Doc. Thanks for the nomination, I’ve taken steps to participate.

      See you soon on your side of the ‘net!


  2. Very thought-provoking post . I’d like to add that war also inspired Hollywood to create some really fine (and also not so fine) films. Witness: “Mrs. Miniver” “The Best Years of our Lives” “Apocalypse Now” and of course, the unforgettable, “Rambo” series, etc.

    • Dear Keli,

      Indeed, I had forgotten! Hollywood could not have flourished so gloriously had it not been for her silver screen heroes nancing through Europe and the Japans, steeped in the height of G.I. fashion.

      James Cagney never looked more daring than in “The Fighting 69th.” James Stewart never looked more impetuous than in “The Mountain Road.” James Mason never looked more indomitable than in “The Desert Fox.” Let’s face it: without war, there’d be no war movies, and without war movies, why — there’d be no Jameses!

      And no God, big G, would let that happen.

      Yours Truly,


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